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May 2010 Classes

  May 6 - 1 PM - Mosaic squares. Learn a simple way to make a mosaic design using stamps and precut square papers. We will be using stamps, direct to paper inking, and more. Materials included. $9.00

May 8 - 11 AM - Positive and Negative cards. We will be stamping, coloring, embossing and decorating a card front and then make a negative of it. All secrets will be exposed on this one. This one can get messy so be prepared. All materials included. $10.00

May 8 - 1 PM - Joy Fold Card. This one is fun and has a unique way to deliver a message. There will be several papers and card stock involved, glue, embellishments and who knows what else? All materials included. $10.00

May 13 - 1 PM - Black is not a Color!  We will look at black as a foundation for card making. Color will be added in several ways to make some striking cards. Materials included.  $8.00

May 15 - 11 AM - Punches Make Great Faces. We will use several punches to make faces for cards—some cute, some funny and some serious. Once made, we will add to cards for completion. Materials included. $9.00

May 15 - 1 PM - Monochromic Fun. We will be using Prisma papers in color families to put some cards together. Sounds dull? Wait ‘til you see them! You will be surprised at the elegant look. Supplies included. $9.00

May 20 - 1 PM - Pocket/container cards. We will be taking stamps that can be used in 3-D and show you how to make a pocket/container using the 1 stamp. This one makes a great holder for a gift card, theater/game tickets and almost everything else. All materials included. $8.00

May 22 - 11 AM - Circular Card. The magic is in the folding. This card will be divided into quarters and is a 3-D. It can be used as a sectional centerpiece. This is a must when considering the unusual. You will get lots of ooo’s and ahhh’s. Supplies included. $12.00

May 22 - 1 PM - Tag It with Mesh. We will use Magic Mesh for making tags and then embellish for card mounting. This one will be sticky. Materials included. $9.00

May 27 - 1 PM - What’s Cooking? This class will not have recipes for food, but will for some unique cards. Hero will be one focus and AccuCut designs the other. Can you say gingerbread man?? Supplies included. $10.00

May 29 - 1 PM - Inchies with an Attitude, Part 2.    We will look at the design, reasons for and construction of inchies. Ours will be a bit larger and we will explore more sizes. Make a lot so you can have them on hand to make a quick card when needed.   Supplies are included.     $9.00

May 29 - 1 PM - Hanko papers and cards. Washi papers and Tsumugi card stock make outstanding cards the Japanese way. The papers are imported and beautiful. All supplies are included. $10.00

Just when you think it is safe to go outside with no ice or snow, Spring comes in with severe weather possibilities. If classes are scheduled and a severe weather warning is posted, please stay in your safe place. We can always reschedule the classes.

Please call ahead of time to reserve your space. It helps us prepare the materials and the space. Leave a message if we are not open, 943-9129.

If you have requests for particular technique classes, feel free to let us know. We will try to schedule it with you or in our next class schedule.

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