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Sir Stamps-A-Lot Newsletter


Did you think I forgot about the year end drawing for the surprise basket?? Well, I did. In all the chaos, I forgot to mention it, SO... the drawing will be this Saturday at 4 PM. If you have a "Round Table Rewards Card" completed but not cashed in, you will have the rest of the week to do so. Or, if you have one almost completed you can still finish it and get it in the drawing. There will be a large basket and a small basket. The companies have not been as generous this year plus I have not been to a tradeshow BUT there will be some good items in the baskets. As always, I thank each of you for your continued support and wish you luck for the drawing.

We are going to start the new year with some new technique classes. Some you may have heard of before but we will introduce them slowly and have fun with it. Check below for this week's classes.

The specials from last week will continue this week and will go on until I finish with inventory.


Jan 6 1 PM Alternative Folds for Unique Cards. This card has 2 flaps similar to a trifold but better. Decorative papers are a must for this one. It is possible to hide a message inside. Supplies included. $8.00

Jan 8 - 11 AM - Calico Animals. We will all make a cat to put on a tall card. When finished, it will look like a corrugated cut out with real class! This card will take some extra work to finish and tools will have to be shared. If you have a pair of small stamp edge or small zig-zag scissors, bring them. Everything included. $11.00

Jan 8 - 1 PM - Tag Book. We will take a strip of 12 inch card stock for the outside and add tags and more for a finished project. Décor papers will also be used and some embellishments. This one is a fun card and the theme will be valentines. All supplies included. $11.00


Nine more days until Christmas! Is your shopping done?? Consider a gift certificate from us. Your crafting friends can choose their own toys at their convenience.

Thank you all for a fabulous Anniversary! Make and Takes were busy most of the day and Hero did great with the door prize stamps. Their 2011 Debut was not too shabby either. Come in to see what is still here. We sold out of 2 designs but the rest are here! If you follow the Hero Blog, you will see some of the new images being used. They are not available except for the Debut stores (we are the only Alabama store).

This week's special is an extension of the anniversary specials. Some of you did not make it on Saturday, so you can still get some of the specials. Ask for a list at the register.

As the year comes to a close, I want to thank you all for your business and support throughout this year. You are the best any business owner could have. Thank you again.

The schedule for classes and store hours is listed below.

Dec 16 - 1PM Left over paper uses. We will look at several ways to use papers, pieces of papers and strips that are left over from other projects. Materials included. $8.00

Dec 18 - Noon - Music for All! We will be using a set from the new Hero releases to make some cards with a musical flair. Just right for those who have musical abilities or musical wantabees! Supplies included. $9.00

Dec 23 No class. Closing at 5 PM.

Dec 24 Open at Noon – 3 PM.

Dec 25 Closed in honor of the Savior’s birthday


Lucky 13th Anniversary Celebration is here!!! I am still looking for special buys for you and already have a few ready. They will all be revealed Saturday morning.

Some of the bid items are out. The bidding will be blind bids. In other words, when time comes to see who won, no one knows who has bid what amount and there will not be a stampede to make the last bid. Bidding will end at 3 PM. You will not have to be here to claim the item but must pick it up before the 18th to get the bid price. Ties will be resolved by active bid for those present. It just gets more exciting!!

There will be 3 make and take projects by Hero Arts using their new designs. These designs are not scheduled to release until January. You get a sneak peek and can buy them also. Only stores that signed up for this program will have the sneak peek and we will add play.

I got one Hero order today! That order was held until it could be shipped complete. That was the hold up. The Debut is probably shipping today so it arrives Friday.

Ranger items should also be in today or tomorrow. If you wanted Glossy Accents or the Diamond Glaze, it is in that order along with other fun stuff.

Jean @ Sir Stamps-A-Lot

Dec 9 1 PM Cork Board Backgrounds. We will be using real cork sheets to make backgrounds for the cards. There is no limit to the uses for this background. Come and find out! Supplies included. $9.00

Dec 11 10 AM- 4 PM Lucky 13th Anniversary Celebration and Hero Art’s 2011 Catalog Debut

Make & Takes at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:00.

Silent Bids end at 3:00 PM.

Snacks all day.

Super special buys all day.


Of course, I forgot to put a special on this week so here it is: Dreamweaver stencils for 25% off!

Demo for Copics is scheduled for mid-June so you can see and handle some.  Any markers that are left at the end of that day will go to regular price, but there will not be another order.

Still looking for Penny Black order and another company ( I forgot--I think I have that half-timers problem).  I got a preview of the new Hero stamps.... I'll be working on that after the bus tour classes.


If you did not make it to the Oh My Crafts Tour Bus, you missed a treat! The instructors were great and had everything organized--ready to go. I made it to 1 of the 3 classes and saw the other 2 projects. I think the early class was the winner but it took longer to make---very nice album. Also nice box with tags--different look and a real nice wall decoration. Paper crafters all over would be proud. I wish the turn out could have been better, but the time to promote was short. We'll do better next time!

The next thing: Mark your calendars for June 4th---were on TV. Wendy Garner from WVTM, Channel 13 visited with her crew a few weeks ago and filmed a brief segment on stamping. Tell all your friends to take a peek to see what happens with stamps! It is supposed to air about 11:30, but I would tune in earlier and/or record it.

Last call for Copic requests. I will be getting some extras in and a few refills. I will send the order out around noon tomorrow. If you want to add to your requests, do it before then.

I have a partial class list for the beginning of June. I will try to fill in the blanks and send it out next Monday or Tuesday. Summer is here!!!


Six days until the OMC Bus comes!!! Shari or Ann can help you register if you haven't already. Show these people (from out West) that we craft here as much or more than the rest of the country! Maybe they will come again or tell other companies about us here in the South.

Sign-Up now (online may be closed now) or email Shari @ Shari@garrettsartloft

I have a few new papers in. They are called corduroy mirrors. Yes, it is a corduroy texture with a mirror finish. Great for some backgrounds or matting.

I am looking for Penny Black to come in soon. I'll post on facebook if it comes in after this news. Also looking for Art Impressions soon.

Friday I went to a Copic class and I am now a certified Copic instructor! I had several customers in the class and several other store owners/employees. It was a fun class and I am giving some (a little) consideration for stocking them. There are 2 other stores in town that stock them now so it might be tricky. Ask what I think about them now.

I hope to have a class schedule ready for Monday's Bus tour. See you there!


Great News!!!! The Oh My Crafts Tour Bus will be making a stop here in Birmingham on May 24th. They have some classes planned and it promises to be a very enlightening experience. Some details may be found now on their web site. We will keep you informed as we get more details. Shari Miller is their local contact and hostess. Thank her when you see her. She worked really hard to get them to add Birmingham. Yea!!! Here's the link to sign up: Oh My Crafts Tour Bus (From Shari: Here it is! A fun filled event for scrapbookers, stampers and mixed media crafters. It is ONE DAY ONLY - May 24th, 2010 with seating of 30 per class. You will have a great time! Come try something new and use the latest and greatest products to make wonderful completed projects. If you have any questions please contact me at Come join the tour bus and crafting party! Sign up today.)

Facebook is coming along. The response has been really good. I am, however, still on the learning curve and trying to get more info on it. I would like to get the class schedule on it, but have not had any luck so far.

We have more Tim Holtz ink pads and reinkers in. I am trying to get more of his stuff in, but it has been slow. Just keep checking in.

This week's special is 30% off Stampendous clear pails! Clearance is still 50% off.

New class schedule is posted here.


Yeah!!! We're on Facebook. I am surprised at the response already. I (with Anthony) will continue to work on it and add info. I used to email list to send out invitations. If you did not get an invitation to join, just send a note and we'll get you on.

Yes, I forgot to send a news clip last week, but I will make up for it. How about 20% off stencils?? That is the special this week. You've asked many times, so you have it! (Also, please forgive my mistake of sending a blank message on Sat.--my happy fingers hit the 'send' instead of 'cancel.')

I have the new Hero items in and they are great. Flowers, big and small, motifs, antique looks, more flowers, silhouettes, and more. The embellishments have been replenished.

Some of the Tim Holtz inks pads are gone so I have reordered them along with more of the reinkers. I should have all pads and reinkers this week. Included in this order are the new Smooch paint inks.

This week I am working on Penny Black and Art Impressions. If you have special requests, send them now!

Of course, the class schedule did not get finished so below are this week's classes.

Apr 29 - 1 PM - Black is not a Color! We will look at black as a foundation for card making. Color will be added in several ways to make some striking cards. Materials included. $8.00

May 1 - 11 - AM - Trifold Panel Card. We look at another trifold design and use panels to enhance the design. This one requires an 11X 8.5 sheet for its base. Panels are cut from another paper. Embellish as desired. Supplies included. $10.00

May 1- 1 PM - Inchies with an Attitude. Why? Because we can! We will look at the design, reasons for and construction of inchies. Ours will be a bit larger. Make a lot so you can have them on hand to make a quick card when needed. Supplies are included. $9.00


The class schedule is ready.

Hero has a new supplement with lots of new designs. They have been ordered, but the factory says 2 weeks to fill orders and another 5 days to get here. May guess is around April 20th.

That's all this week.


Alleluia! This is the week of Passover and Easter--which ever you celebrate. Have a wonderful week and weekend and be thankful in all things!

Of course, this has been a busy weekend and week beginning and I have not finished the class schedule. Below you will find the classes for this week and the rest will follow next week.

I have good news and bad news today. The bad is Debbie Gunion is retiring from her position as company rep. She has done this for over 14 years and is retiring to travel with her husband. We will certainly miss her, but we may be able to get her to come and teach a class or two for us. There will be a charge for this...more than I usually charge (her usual fee is around $25). Let me know how you feel about that.

Now for the good news. I just placed another Hero order...rather large. They have more new Spring releases. I am liking what I see on line, so I ordered it all! It will take about 2 weeks to get it in so be on the look out.

This week's special is 10% off Rubber Stamp Tapestry and 50% off AlumiCraft rulers. Some of the rulers have a deckle edge for tearing, but all have a foam back and a finger groove for holding!

Apr 1 - 1 PM - April Fools Puzzle Card. We will be using some favorite stamps to create a puzzling card. It is really quite unique and has a classy look. Die cuts, ribbon, mesh and more are the media. Supplies included. $9.00

Apr 3 - 11 AM - Rose Blossoms plus Stamps. This class will use some quilling techniques for the roses. We will stamp a background and place the roses on the card front. Learn the tricks to this neat design. Supplies are included. $9.00

Apr 3 - 1 PM - Frame Fun by Stampendous! We will be using precut frames and decorating them. The punch out will also be used to make a card. Several options will be available i.e. Brayering, stamping, daubing and more. All materials included. $9.00


New Hero wood mounted stamps are on display now. It took a while to find the right space on the front wall, but they are there along with Easter stamps! There are also more Easter cards, bunny and egg shapes, for $1.50 per 8-pack. They are at the register, but will not last long.

This week's special is eyelet packets for $0.70, confetti packets for $0.25 and 50% off WinWorld kraft card packets. The kraft cards are in shapes on the front spinner rack.

Sizzix dies are still 70% off. The clearance corner will settle at 25% off the marked price and stay at the rate. There are more new items in the clearance area so....check it out.


Happy St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow)!!!

The 2 outstanding Hero orders have arrived! Their special ink colors, papers, embellishments, new releases and more are in. I am trying to get all Hero together in the back corner (no Stampendous there now) and of course, it has caused everything to be moved or rearranged. Bear with me while this is going on (more may go to the clearance corner).

***I forgot to list a special last week so I'll post 2 for this week. You know those nice clear pails???? Never on sale before, but now....20% off!! Also 50% off the clearance corner for the rest of this week. I still have Somerset Studio magazines for 50% off, Sizzix is now 70% off and Fall Holidays are 50% off.***

Time to make the Easter and Mother's Day cards. Come in to see what is here.

The Saturday class group that took the ACT class has started a weekly exchange. Each week is a different theme. If you would like to participate, call for details. Right now there are 7 in the group, you do not have to take a class on Saturday to be included, you make 7 identical cards and trade 6. The number will go up by 1 each time 1 more joins. This week's theme is 'pets' or animals for those that may have missed the theme.


There's not much to report this week. Hero Arts new Spring wood releases are shipping now. They may be in by Friday. (We are seeing lots of the new items on the Shopatron site.) Call before coming to make sure they are in.

The Tsukineko 1 inch cubes are restocked and most of the reinkers for the dye base pads are in. The StazOn cleaner is also back in stock.

Flower-Soft greens arrived today. There are some papers, fronts, tags (many are Edwardian type prints) and more that also arrived. Come check these out.


Calling all stampers! Remember the almost empty shelves and bins?? They are over flowing. I have over stocked the Clearance Corner. Take 50% off this week only. Also, take 60% off Hot Potato stamps. I still need to move some stuff to open space for the new things.

Ranger is due in this week and so is Tsukineko. I have the tracking numbers for both and Tuesday is the projected delivery. Stampendous arrived last Thursday. The storage containers are back in stock along with some new stamps.

If I haven't said it lately, THANK YOU for your support and patronage.

Classes through March 27th have been posted!


Ranger products are on my radar. My guess they will arrive late this week or early next week. That means Tim Holtz ink pads will be here--all 36 and more!

I am continuing to mark down items to make room for Hero (the Spring release has been ordered). It is taking over the back corner and Stampendous will have to move. I'm not sure to where yet. You'll have to ask... or search.

March should be better for the class schedule and we hope for sales also. (This week's classes will be attached below.) So far, February sales are just OK and maybe a bit better than January, so start planning your St. Patty's and Easter cards now. FlowerSoft and Fun Flock can add dimension and color to those cards. Also, look at the spray inks for background color. Don't forget about stencils and cards. An embossed cross on white card stock can be just the message you want and beautiful too.

For those in the Luminary class, Jackie found a square glass container at Dollar Tree that just fits the covers we made. If you like, check it out. They also had battery operated tea lights--no flame to worry about!

This week's special is Kandi embellishments again and Unity stamps for 50% off. No limit on quantity.

Feb 25 - 11 AM - KISS Cards. We will be using the principle of "Keep It Simple Silly" to make 3 cards. These will also be cards you can make in minutes using scraps, strips, punches etc. Materials included. $9.00

Feb 27 - 1 PM - Fronts and Backs by Art Impressions. We will use complementing stamps to make a card that opens to see the back sides of the stamps on the front. It can get tricky, but fun. We will color the images with H2O pens. The water is in the pen! Supplies included. $10.00

Feb 27 - 1 PM - Altered Book Techniques. We will alter a few pages in a book to get you started. Learn how to make windows, highlights, lowlights, and shadow boxes. Bring a book you are willing to cut and tear. If you do not have one, add $1.00 to the class or stop at Dollar Tree. Supplies included. $12.00


I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! Now that it is over, the next card making holidays are St. Patty's and Easter. I believe those stamps are on a slow boat from California. I have very few in stock right now. Maybe that will change this week.

This week's special is 50 % off Kandi fusible fibers and gems and the tools for application. The clearance corner is now 25% off the marked price. I have replenished the corner with more "stuff" and it is full again--more Hero and Stampendous.

New stuff expected this week is JustRite stamps in the new designs. The square is in that order along with the bouquet designs. It appears the 1 5/8" and the 2" are going to be the most popular. The medium oval is also in the run.

I delayed long enough to get answers to some of the shipping. I made some adjustments to this week's schedule (attached at the bottom). Ranger is still an issue, but I kept Tim's class technique on schedule. The word is that they are working around the clock to fill the orders. In the mean time, Hero has arrived and JustRite stamps also.

New Classes:

Feb 18 - 1 PM - More on Gold Leafing. We will be using red liner tape and gold leafing tapes to decorate cards. We will also use Beedz for an even more glitzy look. Everything included. $9.00

Feb 20 - 11 AM - Tim Holtz’ Alcohol Ink Fun. We will learn several ways to use alcohol inks and other inks like Tim Holtz. We will make 2 or 3 cards using the different techniques. All supplies included. $10.00

Feb 20 - 1 PM - Trading Cards. Learn the basics and how to embellish to suit your artistic flairs! We will look at size, papers and the rules that go along with them. All supplies included. $9.00


This week's special is Option Storage Solution containers at 50% off. They are a neat way to organize your stamping and scrapping items. If you do not see them, just ask.

Dreamweaver's order should be in this week. I already have the invoice so today or tomorrow it should be here.

Hero is in processing right now, but it will be coming Fed-X. That is usually a problem because they do not like to come back and they schedule us for 8 AM. Our Fed-X guy causes me lots of anxious moments.

I have not heard from Ranger yet, but they are not known for their prompt shipping. New Tim Holtz inks are coming! Qe are also going to stock the older colors.

Well, as usual, I am struggling with the class schedule so I am attaching this weeks' classes and will continue working on it. These 3 are new so it will be fun. I will need advance notice for Saturday because it involves a lot of cutting and planning materials. Just call to let me know.

Feb 11 - 1 PM - Corrugated Paper cards. We will use colored corrugated papers, card stock, beedz, and more for this class. Some will be from die cuts and others just geo-shapes. Supplies included. $9.00.

Feb 13 - 11 AM - Faux Tooled Leather Wallet. We will use Core’dination papers to make a gift card (wallet) that looks like real tooled leather. It will have a place for paper money and more. Supplies included. $ 11.00

Feb 13 - 1 PM - Luminary Shades We will make shades for a luminary block. Tea lights will be the light source and vellum will be the shade. Decorate as you desire with Brilliance inks! Materials included. $10.00


OK. I am still trying to complete the schedule for classes. There is no formal class for Thursday afternoon but there are 2 classes for Saturday. They will be attached below.

Debbie placed orders at CHA for me. I am expecting them to start arriving soon. Hero Arts, Stampendous, Dreamweaver, Ranger and Tsukineko are the main ones. Flower-soft did arrive last week. I was amazed at what was in the Winter Package---we got fall colors and prints, winter snow globes, Christmas and more of the pre-designed cards. Hedgehog prints were introduced in this package and we added several more oval and rectangle cards and sentiment sets from the last order.

I signed a lease extension last week so.....we have 6 more months. Yea! Now it is your job to spread the word and keep us here. January is gone so let's look ahead and start planning Valentine, St Patrick and Easter cards.

Inventory is done so now I need to reduce some of the stock. This week and next week's special is all Option storage solutions are 50% off.

Feb 6 - 11 AM - More Uses for Flower-Soft. A neat Valentine card. The same technique can be used of all occasion card designs. We will make 2-3 cards. You’ll be a pro! Materials included. $9.00

Feb 6 - 1 PM - Die Cut Valentines. We will be using flourishes, hearts and more from die cuts from Sizzix, Spellbinders, and Accucut. We will also use Xyron adhesives to adhere the die cuts. Make 2-3 cards. Everything included. $9.00


I have been busy with inventory and a few other things and forgot to get newsletter out. I'm back now. Inventory is almost done and I thank those of you that offered to help. I may call on you for other things because it is almost done. I did not have to rush through it because I am not going to CHA which is this week.

Debbie (our Rep) is at CHA and is going to take care of my orders. Her initial report is there is nothing earth shaking new in papercrafting. She promised to call if that changes.

I forgot in the last news to say Congrats to Paula Spruiell and Debbie Pickins for winning the Round Table Rewards Year End Baskets. In 12 years, I do not think we have had repeat winners. Remember, the punch cards do not expire so keep bringing them in for your purchases. Good luck for the next drawing.

Specials for this week are 50% off Christmas/Halloween/Thanksgiving stamps, additional 75% off all clearance corner and 50% off Sommerset Studio magazines. This will be the last week for these super specials. There are some new items in the clearance corner.

Hero Arts' new designs have been replenished but some designs have sold out again. Debbie is taking care of this now. It may take 2-3 weeks to get the order out since CHA is the largest show in the US.

I have ordered more Flower-Soft colors and paper goods. Hopefully that will be in this week. I ordered it before CHA started so maybe I beat the rush.



It's a brand new year and many expectations for a better year than last. Right now we just need to stay warm and be prepared for the snow! That means make sure you have plenty of milk and bread (I still have not figured that one out and I have lived here all my life, so far). The main thing is to stay safe and if schools close due to hazardous conditions, we will also be closed.

I got the invoice for Hero today, so the new stuff that sold out will be back in this week, maybe even today. The one thing we were missing from the debut was the new "bling" to match the cards stock. It should be in with this order.

I am not going to schedule stamp club at this time. Interest has dwindled to 1 or 2 and sometimes I am the only one here. The sun sets early and it is dark and cold for club time. When interest begins to pick up and the temperature warms better, I'll look at scheduling again.

This week's special is Option's storage containers....50% off. This includes the collapsing boxes. Nothing will be excluded. Somerset Studio magazines are still 50% off along with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stamps. The selection is getting low so come in soon. I still do not want to count the Clearance corner so let's take off 75% this week.

The new class schedule is up!


Today's hours: Closing at 5 PM today. Closed tomorrow.. Open regular hours Saturday.


There are more items in the clearance corner--60% off. Dimensional paints are 50% off, Christmas stamps (except Outlines) are 35% off, clay and accessories are 70% off and Sizzix items are 65% off. Help me with inventory!!

There's not much else to tell this week. The main thing is cash in your completed Rewards Card. Tomorrow is the last day for this year's drawing. I did manage to get 2 baskets together and nice ones too. I found a stash of door prizes that were not given out that helped make 2 baskets. The drawing will be tomorrow at about 4 PM. Winners will be notified by phone and possibly claimed before 5 PM. Good luck to all.

The Hero order is off and we are waiting on it to ship. I think Debbie got it in early so if they ship anything this week, we should have it next week. Keep fingers crossed!

If I haven't already said it, Thanks for your support all of this year. You are the best customers a shop owner could have! I look forward to serving your stamping/scrapping needs in the coming year.

Thank you & Happy New Year!!

The January class schedule is not finished yet. Below is the scheduled class for this weekend.

Jan 2 - Noon - New Year’s Resolution Clipboard by Stampendous. We will use a small clipboard, decorate with stamps and ClassAPeels. Add a list for resolutions that you may or not keep. Materials included. $12.00



There will only be 1 class Saturday @ noon.
Closing Christmas Eve at 1PM.
Closed Christmas Day. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Saturday's unveiling of Hero's 2010 designs was a hit. As expected, some designs sold out. I am getting another order together now, but it will not ship until Jan 4th.

Today we got the new card designs from Hampton. Valentine, Easter, and St. Patty's Day cuts will be out this week.

Specials will carry over this week. The clearance corner will continue to get new stuff---all at 60 % off! Remember, I really do not want to count all this for inventory.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


First things first. This week's special is all Somerset Studio magazines are 50% off. There are no new editions. Sculpy clay is still 70% off and Sizzix is now 60% off. Inventory is coming soon and I really need to get the clearance corner cleared...Take additional 60% off marked price. Do you know how tedious it is to count them? (Not fun and neither is counting the rest of the store.)

Don't forget the Hero Debut party this Friday and Saturday. I have 3 different make and take projects using the new images. One will be Friday from 12:30 PM until I run out. Saturday from 10:30-1:00 is #2 and 1:30 -5:00 is #3. Of course, I could run out of supplies before the time expires so be an early bird. You will be able to purchase the new images before they are on line or in other stores. Hero is only sending 2 of each image. When they are gone, we will do an open book order from the 2010 Catalog which will also be available for purchase. Check out Hero's blog.

These debut days will be almost like anniversary except no door prizes. There will be snacks, chocolate and a special gift (limit 1) for attendees. It's gonna be fun!!!!

For those of you putting your wood mounts on cling film, I have more cling film now.

Today, Dreamweaver embossing pastes arrived and are on the shelf. If you were waiting on white glossy, it's here! There are also a few new stencils. Hearts, cats, swirls---check it out.

I expected to see Art Impressions today also, but no luck. They should be in this week but call before you come in for them.

Hero Debut in 3 days. Get ready!

Accucut machine will not be available during debut. We will add 2 days to those that are active now. Sorry...we need that table for Hero!


Classes are up!

Again, the computer has caused problems. I could not get to the internet yesterday to finish the newsletter. I was unauthorized, illegal access, no such used, fatal mistake, etc. all day. I am having to use the primary store phone to get this out.

The "goodie box" has arrived from Hero. It contained the make and take materials for the 2010 Debut scheduled for the 18th and 19th. I have already gotten the editable goodies and more. More info next week with details! The stamps will be in next week. Check out the HERO blog about our Debut party and see some of the new images.

Dreamweavers and Art Impressions should be in this week. Those of you waiting on the white paste call before you make the trip. With increased volume, it could be early next week.

Since we have had snow already, I need to remind you that if road conditions have closed schools, we also will be closed. Stay safe when winter alerts happen.

Attached is the December class schedule. There are fewer classes this month because of the Holidays and the busy schedules we all have. We will pick up with more in January.

Don't forget the end of the year drawing! The punched out cards need to be redeemed by the 31st in order to be in this year's drawing. Because manufactures have not been as generous this year, there will be only one basket--but it will be loaded!

This week's special: Sizzix, Halloween & Thanksgiving 50% off and 10% off Christmas except for Outlines. AND 70% off Sculpy clay.


    This week's special is still 50% off Rollagraph and accessories.

      All the punch orders are in with a few back orders.  I'll have to reorder them.  Outline stamps also arrived.  All of the squares with Christmas items in the center are in stock again.  There are more flowers, leaves, and trees but, come soon before they are picked over or gone.

    As we approach the busiest time of the year, consider giving "crafting" as a gift.  We do have gift certificates for those that like to choose their own stamps, papers, inks and other goodies.  If you get tired of the crowds, come see us.  We will open at 10 AM on Friday instead of Noon and close at 6 PM as usual.. 

     We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and spend quality time with family and friends.  Give thanks to the One who blesses you daily.


Flower-Soft is here!!!!! Almost all colors arrived and more. Come in to see the selection and samples they sent. You will not believe how much difference it makes on your projects.

Dreamweaver Stencils arrived with the new paste colors.

Tsukineko is fully stocked again, except for black StazOn. It was backordered which means I have to order again.

Punches arrived today! A second shipment is in route now and should be in this week. I finally got a confirmation from them. They shipped last week. The one missing is the McGill with the greenery punch. Now I am just waiting on Outlines and Art Impressions to confirm shipment.

---> This week's special is Rollagraph and accessories for 50% off. There is still plenty of clay at 70% off and Sizzix dies at 50% off. All paints have been marked down and put in the clearance corner.<---

There is a slight change in the class schedule:

Nov 19 - 1 PM - U S ArtQuest. We will be using a fine liner pen with glue well to make our designs, then add gold leaf, Pearl-X, and more for the glitz. Materials included. $9.00

Nov 21 - 11 AM - Recipe Book by Daisy Buckets. Sample by Debbie Gunion. You may have seen the sample at the Anniversary Celebration. We will stamp, cut, paste, punch and more to put this project together. Eyelets, ring fasteners, papers and all included. $16.00

Nov 21 - 1 PM - Stencil Fun. We will use Dreamweaver stencils to make the card fronts and enhance the image with gold leafing. There are samples on display. Materials included. $9.00

Nov 26 Closed for Thanksgiving. Enjoy family time giving thanks for all your blessings. Opening at 10 AM Friday.

Nov 28 - 11 AM - Flower-Soft Introduction. This is the newest addition to our stock. Learn how to make 3-D flowers, wrap them and place them on your card. If you like glitz, you’re going to love this look. All supplies included. $13.00

Nov 28 - 1 PM - Maryjo McGraw and JudiKins’ Diamond Glaze techniques. We use acetate windows, diamond glaze, reinkers and more to make the card focus. Make 2-3 cards. This is another messy class. Dress accordingly. Supplies included. $10.00


This week's special is 50% off clearance items again. There are new things there so check it out. This will be the last week for a while. We'll have a new special next week.

Hero Arts arrived last week with some new embellishments and papers. Today, Smooch sprays came in along with Dreamweavers Stencils and new pastes. We have more brushes and palette knives too.

Tsukineko inks are due in tomorrow. We will have the Christmas colors back in plus the Versafine black. Also, there will be more of the cubes for the peg stamps. All colors should be filled in. Flower-Soft should be in soon. I hope this week. I will probably make some changes in the class schedule when I know for sure. I will decide for sure by Monday next week.

I am getting really frustrated with punch companies as I am sure you are too. Punches are somewhere in the process so I do not have a definite date for delivery yet. Outlines is also causing me much anxiety. They should have been here. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will all be in by Friday. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to get some definite answers from these companies.


We've made it through Halloween. Now, the focus is on Thanksgiving and that dreaded Black Friday shopping. Are you ready??

Halloween stamps are 50% off and are now located on the table by the punches. All clearance corner items are still additional 50% off. More things have been added and I still need to make room for new stuff coming in.

I have several orders still out and expected soon. There are 2 punch orders with lots of special orders by you. Hero Arts, Outlines, Flower-soft, Daisy Buckets and Tsukineko to mention a few more.

Due in today (after 2PM) is the tagboard for book backs, albums and die cuts.

The new class schedule has been posted. You will notice the recipe book is at the end. I want to be sure we get the papers in. Each book uses 7+ sheets of paper! I think this one will be really good!


I keep forgetting to put the special in the news so first things first. I have been on a shelf cleaning rampage. A lot of the clearance stuff was sold on Anniversary day, but I have filled in a lot while cleaning. There are more magazines, punches, stamps and accessories that have filled up the corner again. My loss...your gain: 50% off all clearance items until???? Sculpy clay will be closed out at 70% off clay and tools until gone.

Flower-soft is ready to order. I do not know how long it will take to ship, but I'll keep you informed. Only 1 more day to take advantage of the open book orders for Outline stamps and Dreamweaver stencils.

Halloween is almost here! Thanksgiving follows soon, then Christmas and before you know it, we start a brand New Year. If you have not made your end of the year cards, you better get busy! Debbie gave you lots of ideas for those last minute gifts using Shabby Green Doors stuff. Have some generic or holiday pre-made bags for those little gifts you always need and forget. Bean soup is great, but what about spiced tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and other drink mixes??? Favors for mailman, paper deliverer, teachers etc., what about packaging homemade cookies or candies? The little bags make it so easy.

This week's classes are below. November classes will be posted next week in the newsletter.

Oct 29 - 1 PM - Smut Card. Learn how to do reverse stamping on a smut card. This is an old technique that has been revived in some stamping clubs. We will be using an open flame for the smut and doing reverse stamping! Caution: Not for children (and some adults). Supplies are included. $9.00

Oct 31 - 11 AM - Acetate stamping. This is so impressive when you see the finished product. We will stamp on acetate, color the image then mount on card stock. Why? Because we can! Learn the secrets of acetate stamping and coloring in this class. Supplies included. $10.00

Oct 31 - 1 PM - Basic Stamping. Learn the basics of stamping. We will talk about the different inks and when to use them, cover embossing, and stamping techniques. We will practice on a sheet of card stock and then make a card. Supplies included. $9.00


I am still recovering from the Anniversary and have had nothing but computer problems for the past 2 days...the internet has not wanted to cooperate. I hope this will go out with no problems.

Nothing new is in. I am expecting punches soon and some American Art stamps. The fern punches will be in this order.

Dreamweaver has released some new designs and there will be open book ordering through next Wednesday. Also, Outlines will be included in the open book ordering. I will need 50% down and the remainder when the stencils/stamps are picked up.

More good news: Flower-soft has finally gotten back to me after 3 months. I will be placing an order early next week.

I am still having to piecemeal the class schedule. I will add the classes to the next 2 newsletters and maybe have a complete Nov. schedule the next week.

Oct 22 1 PM Paint chips and Punches. The color is in the chip and the embellishing is on your own! There will be samples available. This is a fun and easy class for everyone! Materials included. $9.00

Oct 24 11 AM All punches and cutouts! We will use fun papers to make some classy cards. With a simple punch and/or a cutout, a few brads/gemstones, chalk, glitter and more, we will make 2-3 fun cards and learn a few secrets to creating cards. Supplies included. $10.00

Oct 24 1 PM Basic Quilling. Learn all the quilling shapes and how to put them together for a unique gift card. You will also make a sample of the basic quilling shapes to refer to later. Supplies included. $9.00


**Note: This months's classes will be posted soon!**

OK, we are making changes in credit/debit card processing. If you have a pin number for your card, you will need to use it with the new equipment. This processor will make transactions faster and will not leave any paper trail for I. D. snatchers and fraud. It will take roughly 2 weeks to completely switch to it, but we are in the process. During this transfer, we will phase out American Express. Sorry if this causes you stress, but they continue to go up on processing/accounting/statement fees for the independent stores.

I did find out that my current card reader is on the list to be discontinued and will be totally unusable within a year. (We were also informed that the magnetic stripe will be phased out soon in favor of a secure account chip embedded in the card. We will be ready!)

No new arrivals this time. Ranger is shipping this week and should be in by the end of next week. More Hero and Stampendous were ordered last week. Processing and shipping may take up to 2-3 weeks. Both are 10-12 days in house before shipping. I was hoping for a quicker turnaround.

I did try to get more paper like Debbie used to make the American Art samples. Lux Papers is out of business now, so we cannot get that paper. I tried. =(

Plans are continuing for the Anniversary. More later.

Don't forget to check the specials before you go!

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